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Take your nails to dazzling new heights with these 11 glamorous pink gemstone manicures. Pink is having more than a moment this season – it’s a full-blown movement embracing femininity and self-care. From soft and romantic ballet slipper shades to vivid fuchsia showstoppers, embrace and enhance your inner radiance with accent nails encrusted in crystals, pearls, and every pretty pink jewel under the sun. Go for maximum sparkle with geometric gems, an au naturel look with delicate floral accents, or all-out princess luxury with opulent jewelry-inspired adornments.

pink gem nails


We’ve curated a set to suit every style. Keep reading for eleven of our favorite ways to add some rose-tinted bling into your life and let your manicure shine on. This is one trend with staying power well into 2024!


The Most Uplifting Summer Nails Ideas for This Year

Here’s the list of the 7 inspiring summer nails aesthetic styles:

1. Fairy Rose

fairy rose

Credit: merlin_nails

Get ready to dazzle with this eye-catching light pink nail set embellished with purple and silver glitter ombré and tiny gemstone accents for maximum bling.

This glitzy manicure is perfect for prom, weddings or a big night out!


2. Spring Pink with Gem Bling

pink nails with gems

Credit: 14nailz

Welcome warmer weather with feminine florals!

This polished pink manicure features a pale petal pink base with white floral nail art on accent nails.

Glittering crystal floral gems and rhinestone decals add shine, taking the romantic blooms from day to night with sparkling elegance.



3. Eternal Love Glam Gradient

This dreamy manicure fades from ballet slipper pink to pristine white tips for a pretty ombre effect. Accent nails sparkle with iridescent glitter and shimmering jewel-toned gems in light, bright pink.

An infinity symbol signifies neverending affection, making this graceful look perfect for weddings, anniversaries and forever love.



4. Strong Pink & Bling French Manicure

 Make a bold statement with this head-turning French manicure! A vibrant fuchsia pink base pops against glossy white tips. Glittering oval rhinestones and crystal nail charms provide first class bling to this luxe look.

On-trend almond shaped nails keep the glam French mani fresh and fierce.


5. Pink Waves & Shiny Gems

Beach Babe Sparkle – Catch a wave of compliments with this fun and flirty nail art! A bright pink base alludes to seashells and coral reefs, while clear acrylic “waves” crash across the nails.

Multicolored oval gems in luminous turquoise, sapphire and crystal provide the perfect splash of shoreline shimmer. This playful manicure brings glittering ocean vibes no matter where your summer takes you!

7. Ribbons, Hearts & Butterflies on Pink

ribbons, butterflies and hearts on nails

Credit: amys.clients

Romance Takes Flight – Have your heart aflutter with this charming nail set! A soft blush pink base provides the perfect pretty backdrop for decorative details like white ribbons tied in bows, red enamel hearts, and iridescent butterfly wings on accent nails.

Equal parts sweet and playful, this darling manicure sets the mood for romance with its glam girly motifs.





7. Breakfast at Tiffany’s


Roses and bagels on pink gradient nails

Credit: amys.clients

Treat yourself to breakfast in style with this cute nail design! A seamless fade from baby pink to french tip white is the perfect base for an assortment of light pink roses and graphic bagels with cream cheese crystals.

A sprinkling of sparkling clear rhinestones completes the look, for a manicure as elegant as Holly Golightly herself. It’s a chic start to any day!






8. 3D Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom nails

Credit: ayn_nailart

Welcome the season with delicate cherry blossoms! Sculpted pink and white petals bloom in 3D on top of a pale pink base for whimsical floral texture. Tiny pearl accents add a touch of fanciness to this beautiful Japanese-inspired nail art.

Minimalist in color yet bold in design, this manicure captures the essence of tranquil sakura and new beginnings.







9. Hidden Butterfly

Butterfly Puzzle Pieces Pink Manicure

Credit: ayn_nailart

This intricate design perfectly captures the playfulness of spring!

A pearly pink base is accented with a glittering cluster of iridescent bubbles on the ring and middle finger. Look closely and you’ll discover a purple and turquoise butterfly subtly hidden within the shimmer – a magical detail for the imagination!

With a palette of soft pastels and magical surprises, this manicure is positively charming.







10. Pink Gradient with Hearts, Crystals & Gold Strings

This romantic nail idea is perfect for a summer wedding or event.

The gold strings add a touch of midsummer night’s magic. Not only is this nail idea aesthetically beautiful for summer, but it also carries endearing symbolism with the cascade of hearts and crystals – making it an ethereal look for weddings or romantic summer nights out.

The pink gradient base keeps the look soft, while the gold, crystals and red hearts provide dreamy, eye-catching details.


11. Pink Caramel Summer Nails

This feminine nail idea pairs a soft pink base color with warm caramel French tips for a delicate and flattering look.

The two tiny gems on the ring finger add a stylish touch.

The caramel tips provide lovely contrast against the pink base while feeling rich and glossy like browned butter or sugar.

The overall look – pink innocence meeting caramel sophistication with a hidden sparkle surprise – is feminine, sweet and summer-like.